Chett-199x300My name is Chett I am the owner of Playtime Portraits and also one of the photographers.  I have 2 magnificent daughters aged 11 & 13 and live in western Sydney.

I have an associate diploma in Childcare studies.  I began a career in childcare and was a director of a small childcare centre owned by Uniting Care. That was back in the day before the regulation changed and over the years, oh my haven’t there been some changes.

Photography was always a passion from a young age.

When I was working in childcare we had our annual photo day booked. On photo day the children came along to school in what I would described as their Sunday best. The photographer was due to arrive at 8.30am by 9.00am there we was a no show. By 9.15 we had all the parents and children who don’t usually attend on this day in the centre, as you can image the scene was hectic.

Anyway after a call to the photographic company we were informed that they were over booked for today and that we would have to reschedule. That photography company no longer exists.

However, as childcare workers we always make do. Out came my small 35m camera and I took the photo’s… including a group shot. The local 24 hour printing shop printed 5’x7’s and to my surprise the parents were thrilled and I got quite a buzz form their response, many parents  wanted additional prints; hence the birth of “Playtime Portraits”.

With all my many years of experience in child care and photographing child care centre if there is one thing I have learnt “ The only thing predictable about Childcare is it totally unpredictable’.

Our photographers all have childcare backgrounds and have current Working With Children history checks.


Pierra – Photographer










Kareena – Photographer