Graduation Day Portraits

This is our story, where we came from and what drives our passion today…

It all began in 1998 when as a photographer I couldn’t help thinking ‘this is a really important time in the lives of families, what can I do to make it more special?’

So, with that in mind, I decided that the time of graduation and the transition into ‘Big School’ was an important step in the lives of not only the children but for the family as well. I thought that little people should be rewarded for graduating kindergarten, just like big people are!

That’s why in 1998, Playtime Portraits were the first company in Sydney to offer ‘Graduation Photos’ to preschools and childcare centres. Not only were Playtime Portraits the first to offer ‘Graduation Photo’s; but we were also the first to design our own unique caps and gowns. That was a very long time ago and there are now more and more photographers copying this idea, however we are still delivering this service with the same amount of passion and care that we did back in 1998. That’s why we deliver the most professionally presented ‘Graduation Photo’s’ in the industry and that’s why if you choose Playtime Portraits, your child will have the most beautiful photos to reminisce well into the future.

At Playtime Portraits, we believe that ‘Graduation photos’ are the most fun way to capture children’s transition from preschool / early childhood education centres, to formal school education. This ‘time of transition’ can otherwise be very emotional for many parents and carers. A Playtime Portraits ‘Graduation Photo Day’ is a great way to capture the sentiment in photo’s that will last a lifetime.

With many years of experience and over fifty graduation caps and gowns, Playtime Portraits are equipped to photograph some of the largest graduation groups. We work very closely with preschools and childcare centres to offer individual packages that accommodate the requirements and choices of the centre and of the parents and caregivers. In addition to individual portraits, Playtime Portraits offer traditional graduation group photos. With this style of photo, all the children get to dress-up in a cap and gown. They then sit together for a ‘Class Graduation’ photo, just like the big people but much cuter! 

Playtime Portraits also offer a ‘Composite Graduation Group Photo’ which allows children that cannot attend on the day, the opportunity to still be included in their class graduation. We achieve this by taking the child’s individual photo and using computer software, we very skilfully blend that child’s photo into the main group Graduation Photo. 

At Playtime Portraits, we believe inclusion is very important and for that reason, every child (that is permitted by a parent or caregiver) will be included in the class group photo regardless of whether the parents or caregivers have chosen to purchase the package or not. The children’s educators are also encouraged to appear in the ‘Playtime Portraits Group Graduation Photo’ as they have been an integral part of the children’s development throughout their early education experience.

Parents can also choose from a variety of ‘Playtime Portraits Graduation Packages’. Additional merchandise is also available, as follows:

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  • Playtime Portrait Mugs
  • Playtime Portrait Key Rings
  • Playtime Portrait Fridge Magnet
  • Playtime Portrait Mouse Pads

At Playtime Portraits, we understand that the needs and desires of each family can differ. That’s why we offer the choice of single graduation photos, group graduation photos or both.

Playtime Portraits recognise that flexibility is required to fit in with the demanding lives of the modern-day family. With that in mind, we offer ‘Playtime Portraits Graduation Photo shoots’ during the day and during the evening (conditions apply).

We are very passionate about delivering the most fun experience for children and ensuring that we deliver the most outstanding photographs for parents and caregivers. We hope that you choose Playtime Portraits to capture special memories, for your very special children.

Chettina Rawson

Founder of Playtime Portraits

Graduation Day Photography Packages
Graduation Day Photography Packages

We are very passionate about delivering the most fun experience for children and ensuring that we deliver the most outstanding photographs for parents and caregivers.